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1 No 'poo on Fri Jul 27, 2012 4:40 pm


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Omega Admin
Okay... I've been making my own cleaners, (LOVE LOVE LOVE my laundry detergent!) and looking at ways to make my life more liveable. Spending less, living well with less stuff, including a ton of different chemicals in the house just makes sense to me. It also appeals to my ecofreako alter ego. The only cleaner I have yet to nail, is dishwasher detergent, but it's coming.

I've tried a number of different food challenges, the no chocolate, no sugar, nothing processed, vegan, vegetarian, no caffiene... even the thrive diet which combines them all..

So... on to chemicals for the self. I've used all natural sea salt scrubs, mmmm yummy... Oatmeal, baking soda, coconut oil... loads.... totally addicted to all natural bar soap and want to make my own.

Currently I am going no poo. I'm in week two of a baking soda and ACV rinse for my hair, and yes, no shampoo to be seen. The first week, my hair was gorgeous, it felt silky and soft and I had more body than I've ever seen, in my limp, fine, strands. Week two, and I'm stuck with straw hair that feels like someone melted a crayon in the back of it.

This is called sebum, and I'm told that by week three, my hair will either magically work this way, or I'll have to try a different no poo method called conditioner only, or CO.

Or go Water Only, which I'm thinking I might go for if the water here is soft enough. I think I'm using too much baking soda, so will just go rinse only for a while, but plan on being no 'poo at least for another month and a half, to give my head the rest from stripping it every other day.

Why???? Apparently, the sebum and oil that our scalp produces is supposed to condition and protect our hair naturally, from the sun and wind and rain, etc, and by using SLS filled shampoos, or highly alkaline products to strip our hair of oils and dirts, we're messing up our ability to do that in balance and essentially telling our scalp to overproduce these, giving us hair that needs to be washed every other day or so. Then we coat the hair with conditioner that contains silicones and other goodies, which attract pollutants and dirt, which hangs out conveniently near our face.

Getting off the 'poo should in effect, keep my hair cleaner, and only need a wash once in a while, when it's dirty. Think about babies... even water was enough to keep their hair clean when they were little, it isn't until loads of damage is done to their scalps that they NEED to use shampoo and conditioner. It's like planned obsolescence. Create a product that fuels a need for same product. Well, I'm trying to get out of it.

Anyone here ever go no 'poo? I'd love to hear your stories, and what you do! Anyone want to try it with me???

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Best in Show
Best in Show
I only use it once or twice a week - the rest of the time I just rinse with water in the shower, and my hair seems much better than it did when I was shampooing every day. I also quit colouring it and have gone au naturel salt and pepper, which actually isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I actually get compliments about the silver highlights in my hair!!,

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Alpha Hall of Fame
Alpha Hall of Fame
It all depends on your natural chemistry. My mum has super fine hair and super sensitive skin that requires little to no product, she washes her face with water only and her hair only occaisionally. Me? I have super duper oily skin that takes this special balancing act of what products I use and how often. At about hour 20 I have super greasy lanky hair (ewwww!) but I don't condition because it makes it worse and I'm just plain lazy.

It sounds like it might be nice to try, what is the ratio?

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4 Re: No 'poo on Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:11 am


Omega Admin
Omega Admin
Oily skin is normally really super dry skin which the oil glands overproduce oil to moisturize, for example, when we would see drug reps for acne meds, they would show us graphs which compared their product to other's as well as just moisturizer. Patients would typically see a huge improvement in their acne from just moisturizer alone, because as the skin needed to produce less oil, it had less there to fuel the acne.

I had oily hair, or what I would call oily hair as a teen. I needed to wash it daily. It wasn't until my hairdresser told me to stop washing it daily to make it stop being oily that I stopped having the problem. I got to where I was washing my hair with a little conditioner first, then shampoo fully diluted with water, then conditioner again, and only HAD to was after the third day for grease problems, though it would look awful if I left it go after that. Using no products some people can stretch it out longer, not sure I can, but I'm happy only washing every two to three days.

I'm still looking at the many ways people cut out shampoo, and the one I'm using currently, you use 1/16 ratio. So, 1tsp BS to a cup of water, any more than that and it might hurt your hair. Then I use about an ounce of vinegar in a cup of water, you can use more or less, I just eyeball it, and it all gets rinsed out. The baking soda is alkaline, and will rough up the cuticle of the hair a little, but the vinegar rinse will smooth it down and neutralise it.

There is also a method in which you use nothing but your fingertips, and the occasional vinegar, or herbal rinse. In this one, you need to massage your scalp to loosen up any oil and dead skin before you shower, then use the water to help spread it down the hair shaft. Then you use a natural bristle boar brush to brush out the oils through your hair on a daily basis, that 100 strokes thing. It's basically known as the curly girl method, but she uses a little conditioner just on the scalp, but follows the same principles.

The whole thing is an odd movement, attracting both people who want to use less plastic, and people who want to have awesome hair, there's a huge group of people in the long hair community forums doing this, and a smaller group of crunchy types, but it's growing in popularity among them because of the environmental benefits. Prince Harry and Jessica Simpson both do no 'poo, I think JS is water only, and her hair looks great!

I'm hoping it works for mine, I've done some rather nasty damage to it of late... I used to get highlights and lowlights, but when I moved here the hairdresser I tried did a very bad job, and I didn't notice until the toner started to fade. When you HAVE to tone highlights, which she had said would just make my hair look golden for the wedding and then fade out to look normal, there's a problem. She didn't use the right process for my hair, I told her I needed a high lift. (My hair's not THAT dark, just a level 5 but it just doesn't take a process, colour or perm, so you have to spank it to get it to work) Well, my hair started turning orange after a few weeks. I tried a few things to fix it, and those of you on my facebook know I just bleached it out platinum because I had to get the colour out. Unfortunately, the recommendation of what colour to put in, was a bad one, so I had to try a series of things, till I found out I was supposed to be using a demi permanent to cover it back, nothing would really take. Finally I used a dark blond demi to put in a ton of lowlights, and then toned it all over on top of that, and it looks kinda okay. But it's in really fragile condition, and I'm really afraid to do anything more to it. I plan to grow it out as much as I can without touching it. Maybe just a couple highlights around the face, but only painted on, and only on regrowth...

I do keep threatening to just shave it, but hubby's not up for that.

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Alpha Hall of Fame
Alpha Hall of Fame
I just discovered the "Curly Girl" movement about a month ago.... I hadn't read the part about the huge amount of brushing though...

I have wavy hair, so I attempted it, and can go a week without shampoo, but after that it's kinda gross! I can get away with conditioning a few times a week and shampooing once per week but any more than that is pushing it!

T, what's your laundry detergent recipe?

The only cleaners we buy at this point are laundry detergent and dish soap, but both are the more environmentally friendly types... Oh and we do still have bleach in the house, but that's not really negotiable as I need to be able disinfect my work gear according to specific protocols.

A cleaning tip that has worked really well for me...if you end up with any clothing that has a smell that you can't get rid of (polypro long underwear comes to mind) then the easiest way to kill the smell (and the bacteria causing the smell) is to put the item in a ziploc bag and then put it in the freezer for a few days. Works ridiculously well!

6 Re: No 'poo on Sun Jul 29, 2012 11:34 am


Omega Admin
Omega Admin
I don't think the curlygirl uses brushes, I think they tell you to use wooden combs or your fingers, but the CG for straights uses a BBB. Also, when using shampoo, mix it half with water, it will do just as well, or try using only conditioner as the shampoo, it has as much washing action as the shampoo does and strips less from your hair, just leave it in a few minutes before rinsing. This also depends on if you're using silicones in there too... they coat the hair to protect it, but ultimately end up drying the hair out worse. Great if you have a lot of split ends to mask it, but they're not good in the long run. Certainly, the less you do to your hair the better.

Last night I just used the vinegar rinse and cooler water, no baking soda at all. The section at the back that is overproducing sebum still is feeling a lot better, I changed my pillowcase for a silk one, that's supposed to help a lot! But the hair on the rest of my head feels amazing, it's so soft, and feels a lot better than it has. I asked my husband to do a sniff test, cause I wasn't sure about not using the BS to make it clean and he says it smells fine, and once dry, he can't even smell the vinegar. I was worried I might smell like fish and chips! So the vinegar is working fine to keep the stink away, good news!

I'll post up a new thread for homemade cleaners.. I have a bunch!

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